Hello! You are viewing the personal blog of Rose Robertson. I’m a dog lover, bookworm, and developer. For the last five years I have spent most of my time writing web apps in JavaScript, and it’s so much fun.

I have been involved in the web development world as a hobby since I was about 13 years old (to start with, writing HTML guides and running cutesy websites on free webhosts like angelfire and geocities, later graduating to owning domains and running angsty teenaged blogs), and began studying computer science and working in the industry professionally in my early twenties.

This blog is a personal blog, so it won’t all be about writing code and being a nerd, but there will be a little of that 🙂

Most people with personal websites have awesome looking headshots. I’m jealous of these people. My only awesome photos of myself are from my wedding, and I always feel awkward using them for profile pics and about me pages (although I have in the past 😳). So here's a few photos I found on my husband's instagram feed that I think capture my life pretty well: First, me and Ben, my husband, and second, me and Betsy, my darling dog.

I love my job! I love writing code, I find the work I do to be challenging and interesting and rewarding, and the people I meet and work with are wonderful, smart, kind, and funny. I am so so lucky that I am where I am, career-wise.

However, when I’m not at work, I don’t do a ton of development in my free time, because I have other interests to nurture: Dog training is a big one - Betsy and I do agility together, and we’ve also dabbled in nosework classes, plus I’ve just taught her a lot of tricks on the side. I am super into this stuff, and if I were to switch careers, training service dogs would be something I’d love to do.

I also really like to read. I tend to go through reading binges, where I’ll read three or four books in a week or two, and then stop reading for a month or more. Fiction is my preference, and I like most genres of fiction. I do tend to have “moods” for fantasy or historical fiction or a mystery, and usually during my binge, all the books I read will be part of the same genre.

Of course I also need to spend time with Ben so that he doesn’t divorce me 😁 Does that count as a hobby? The stuff we do as a couple has varied over the years, but at the moment it consists mainly of watching TV series together and going for walks along the beach.

I think I am quite “normal”. I’m not a super genius developer, nor an outrageously beautiful Instagram model, nor a prodigy artist... I’m just a normal person with a normal life. I’m not sure that anything I write will really grab anyone’s attention as being super awesome. I’m fine with this. I’ll just do my thing anyway 😊